Temple of Time

Shadows of the Past

Lonely Journeys

Tales from the Garden City

What People Say About Jeena’s Books

“Shadows of the Past: It was a really good read and especially the writing was amazing, easy to read and engaging. It is one of those books which you can read a hundred times but it will not get old.”
Vaishali Jain
Amazon Customer
“While seeking answer to the mystery of his brother’s disappearance, the protagonist takes the readers through the twists and turns of his journey to understand the answers to very many questions on his life. The philosophical overtones brought in through the voices and thoughts of the characters provides answers to their haunting questions – some of them may be readers’ own.”
Amazon Customer
“Lonely Journeys: Was quite captivated by the powerful simplicity of the thought let’s that the poet has captured into these beautiful poems. In this hectic time and age, works like these definitely helps you to pause, reflect back on the real meaning of true fundamentals of living and get you rejuvenated…”
Anil Kunjunny
Amazon Customer

Meet Jeena

Jeena is a published author of fiction and poetry.  Her works include Temple of Time (novel), Shadows of the Past (stories), Tales from the Garden City (stories) and Lonely Journeys (poems)…

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