Temple of Time

Abhijeet was ten years old when his elder brother was lost, believed dead, during a college tour in the hills of Northern Kerala. Twelve years later, Abhijeet is knocked out of his dull and mundane life by an eerie dream in which his brother calls out to him. LEARN MORE..

Shadows of the Past

Sometimes these coincidences stop us on our tracks and make us wonder, “Was that really just a coincidence – or did the hand of Destiny strike ever so gently?” We call them ‘eerie’ or ‘uncanny’ or ‘a miracle’ or ‘a stroke of luck’ or ‘fate’.  LEARN MORE..

Lonely Journeys

Somewhere a dream has fallen
And melted into dew…
Somewhere a pair of gentle eyes
Has picked it up for you. LEARN MORE..

Tales from the Garden City

Based broadly in Bangalore, Tales from the Garden City tells everyday stories from the lives of ordinary folks.LEARN MORE..


FUMES is an anthology of 20 stories. There are several threads connecting these stories. They make their appearance gradually, as you read on. Buy Now.

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