Lonely Journeys

Somewhere a dream has fallen
And melted into dew…
Somewhere a pair of gentle eyes
Has picked it up for you.
The morning mist has cleared,
The sky is golden hue;
The day holds forth promises
Of a miracle overdue…

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Powerful simplicity at its best.
Was quite captivated by the powerful simplicity of the thought let’s that the poet has captured into these beautiful poems. In this hectic time and age, works like these definitely helps you to pause, reflect back on the real meaning of true fundamentals of living and get you rejuvenated…”
Anil Kunjunny on Amazon
“The writing is simple, the thoughts easy to relate to. There are lines which take you back to your childhood [Nostalgia], some which make you look at what you’re doing right (or wrong) in life [My time will come] and some that even take you right into the excitement of a football field! [Till we meet again].”
Suvin on Amazon

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