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Shadows of the past : A beautiful light and refreshing short story collection. Each story is unique and I’m spellbound by the author’s imagination to compile these stories and enhance the concept of “Coincidence”.I enjoyed reading these stories in between my work as a break from the usual routine.

Pankaja, Amazon Customer

Temple of Time: A well written novel in which the pendulum swings between the past and the present; While seeking answer to the mystery of his brother’s disappearance, the protagonist takes the readers through the twists and turns of his journey to understand the answers to very many questions on his life. Overall a new genre added to Indian English literature with a not so simplistic view on life.

Manoj , Amazon customer

Lonely Journeys: Was quite captivated by the powerful simplicity of the thought let’s that the poet has captured into these beautiful poems. In this hectic time and age, works like these definitely helps you to pause, reflect back on the real meaning of true fundamentals of living and get you rejuvenated…

Anil , Amazon Customer

Meet Jeena

Writer . Story-teller . Mother

In 2009, I self-published an anthology of stories titled Tales from the Garden City, throughCinnamonteal Publishing.
In 2013, I published my collection of poems on Amazon Kindle, titledLonely Journeys.
My short stories have featured in “Wisdom of Our Mothers – Indian Edition” and “Nude and Other stories”. Read more about these books here.

My first novel, Temple of Time, was published in 2015 and is available as an e-book on Amazon.

A second anthology of stories, Shadows of the Past, was published in 2016 and is available as an e-book on Amazon as well as paperback, available on online stores.

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