This post has been inspired by Carmi’s blog where he had written about spending time with his daughter.

And then the above Between Friends cartoon which is so very true (as all BF cartoons always are!)

Every night when I put my son to sleep, either after reading a story to him with the lights on or lying down with him narrating an instant-made-up tale with the lights out, the way he snuggles close to me, by my side with my arm around him, his large twinkling black eyes looking up at my face and eagerly taking in every word that comes out, asking numerous queries about the mostly-animal characters of the story who do amazing things, I sense each day pass, with him growing up every minute and maybe just around the corner is a day when he will grow out of snuggles and hugs and will want no more of those. I am afraid that day will come too soon before I am ready for it and I will be taken by surprise and will miss the little one I used to cuddle so much. It is I who need him and the cuddles, and not he. Maybe, I tell myself, maybe there will be sweeter things in store for me to feel good about as he grows older, maybe I will be too busy growing up my second childhood with him, maybe I will be too amazed at the rate at which he explores and learns new crafts that I will forget to miss the toddler who hugs me around the knees just for no reason at all.