The climate of Bangalore, as was discussed earlier is as unpredictable as it is pleasant. The transition between seasons not being very smooth these days, Summer arrived one sunny morning without any preamble. Ok, so we sat back and said, Fine. Now for three months of rising dry heat before monsoon hits the shores in June.
Whoa! Too quick.
Yesterday evening the sky shed a few drops of rain as if to sympathize with the dampened spirits of Men on Earth. The air cooled (so much so as to make me shiver when I came out with my mug of hot tea) and the smell of damp earth (I love this smell that signifies the first rains) filled us all.
Bangalore’s unique (as far as I know) climate ensures a few hours of chill – the shivery kind – after a drizzle, even in the summer. And if there is a full fledged rain, it lasts for days.
Where’s the Summer gone?