How do we know whether we are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’?
Unless our actions go against the well-established etiquette of culture, one can never say.

Ok, so what triggered this thought?

The part-time maid who comes to clean my house and do the washing chores, has been with me for two years. She helps in some other houses as well. Suddenly a couple of weeks ago, she got appointed in an apartment – she has to sweep and mop the floor, the common area, dust and clean the walls, tend to the garden and run errands for anyone if required. That would get her more money than working in different places. Naturally she took it up and dropped a few of her earlier houses. However she continues to assist me. Now comes my problem. The new appointment requires that she stay in the apartment from 8.30AM to 1PM. Even if her tasks get over before 1 o’clock, she has to stay there till her time is up. Before 8 AM, she goes to some other house. So she always comes to my house either after lunch when everyone takes a nap, or in the evening, around 6 o’clock. Sometimes – in fact most of the time – she is tired and prefers to come in the evening. An evening visit means that she has less time to finish the chores and so hurries about it and leaves me dissatisfied. Besides, I would rather not have the cleaning work to be done when there is less light!

I feel that she should give me priority as I am her employer for a longer period of time.
But she wants to show more justice to the new job where she earns more money.
Am I right, or is she?

If I let her go and find someone new, it would not be fair on her.
If she drops me, it would not be fair on me.

So we continue life in a dissatisfied deadlock.