1. My sons asks me: Does Tom grow new teeth after Jerry knocks them down with a well aimed stone?

2. Yesterday – perhaps for the first time in my life, my queue moved faster than the next one. And it happened twice in two hours!

3. There are situations that we need to face, fight and overcome. Then there are some that we better not resist, and just give in to make life easier. It’s important to distinguish the one from the other.

4. Never regret anything done in the past – unless it is to learn from that experience.

5. Open air, blue skies and cool wind can wipe out almost any worry from mind. Take a walk!

6. My teacher once told me, the first thing to do when we get angry is to ‘realise‘ that we are angry. Telling yourself that “I am angry” helps keep in check the explosion that is threatening to bubble out for little or no reason.