It’s frightening how sometimes Fate intervenes in the apparently straight highway of Life and crushes our well-laid plans to dust.

I remember the dusk of ’08. There was recession hanging over the US economy threatening to drown businesses, a dark cloud of uncertainty hovering over matters of health, wealth, career and family, but which was far too away for me to start fidgeting about. I had been weaving little (and insignificant, as I look back today) dreams about June-July ’09.

The entire landscape has changed now, the mindset of last year is shattered beyond recognition. June-’09 is here, and I do not even recall what I had longed to do. Priorities have changed, situations have changed, the very state of the world has changed. The landslide that apparently has its origin in the US was on me much faster than I imagined. In fact, I did not know it till I found myself being propelled away from where I was! It took me some time to grasp, to believe, that it has happened.

An experienced person would say, looking back years later I (hopefully) will thank Fate for the intervention, for giving me an opportunity to look beyond where I was, without which I may have ended up elsewhere, probably in a less fortunate situation. For the time being, I resort to careful plans, the execution of which makes my knees knock against each other in suspense. A wrong outcome may not derail me but could turn out to be very a discouraging blockade in my path. And right now, discouragement is what I could do without.

Sounds Greek and Sanskrit? Superstition rules even the most scientific of us all 😉
I fear to speak of my plans lest they fail to reach the pinnacle I dream of! But I hope there is a day not much farther into the future that I can share a good conclusion to my dream.