Trojan attack

//Trojan attack

Trojan attack

My system was infected with a virus – a trojan that is considered quite dangerous, capable of multiplying and affecting files in spite of the best, latest anti-virus program running in the PC. I cannot decide whether I admire or despise the brilliance of the people who write these virus programs. They are always one step ahead of the anti-virus programs. There was a time when viruses used to spread only through .exe (or other executable) files, indeed I used to be extra careful with such files – many a time refusing to open it even when it is from a known source. But now viruses don’t need any such medium to get transmitted – they can crawl in through the browser security holes, USB ports, networks etc etc.

My anti virus program now tells me that the deadly virus has been quarantined. But forums across the globe warn me that the story is not yet over…
It is To Be Continued…

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