I had not realised that I am so dependent on the Internet. It is when power is down for a long time or I am bedridden that I begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. I know that I can do without the Net for a day or two. But still I yearn to be before my PC, and I crawl to it and keep myself connected.

I remember about ten or twelve years ago, when I saw the Internet in action, for the first time. Someone browsed a couple of pages to show me and I asked, “So? Why is everyone so crazy about this?”

Some time later, I created a hotmail account, which made life a little more interesting. But there was nothing more to do in the Internet, I would connect only to see if someone sent me an email. The connection was so slow that I had to type “www.hotmail.com” and sit for about 15 minutes so that the login screen would come up. Sometimes half way through the loading, it would stop and I would have to refresh it – and wait another 15 minutes. It was a true test of patience, now I can’t imagine waiting 10 seconds for a page to appear.

Googling became a hobby several years later. Every time I hear something new, I at once think Google. There is nothing that Google cannot explain. My obsession with blogs is a very recent phenomenon, as I have elaborated earlier.

And today, I am so addicted to the Internet that if by chance I have to leave my desk for a cup of tea, lunch or to attend to my son, I will feel myself drawn back to it like a piece of iron to a magnet…