Astronomers in this part of the world have been spending an excited dawn searching the skies for the solar eclipse of this year. It began at about a quarter past six and went on till half past seven, total eclipse visible in the northern region of India stretching from Gujarat in the west to Assam in the east.

Here at Bangalore, the eclipse was supposed to be 65%, the sun would rise already partially eclipsed, however when I got up around 7 and took a look through the sun-glasses, I was surprised – contrary to what the scientists predicted, it seemed to be a total eclipse! However, the sun was totally eclipsed by clouds, and not by the darkened moon.

News from Mumbai says the early morning sky-watchers were disappointed to the point of tears because the Rain Gods played mischief and the torrent did not stop till the eclipse was well out of the way.

News from Trivandrum is more encouraging, sun watchers have been able to see the promised partial eclipse, and they have breakfasted, content with the sight.

Do you have experiences to share about today’s eclipse or any previous ones? Photos, links and comments welcome!