Clean and dry

//Clean and dry

Clean and dry

Know the feeling of fulfilment when your long-pending laundry, that was threatening to break the basket, is finally done, the house is scrubbed clean to your heart’s content, and the bathroom floor & walls are spotless?

I just had that kind of contentment when I scheduled and completed a virus scan, disk defragment, disk check (Scandisk) and deleted all temporary and unnecessary files that had accumulated in my PC.

I do not know if it really made any difference, but I feel good, and it makes me reflect, isn’t my Mozilla Firefox a wee bit faster today? Isn’t my File Explorer loading without any grumble today?
Yes, or No.
Who knows? It feels good nevertheless!

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  1. Carmi August 26, 2009 at 5:22 am - Reply

    I hear ya, Jean. Even if the machine is just as fast – or slow – as it was before, the psychological benefits are impossible to ignore. It always seems to feel faster and smoother. Good point!

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