In the previous post, I shared some snaps from Ernakulam and the road to Kottayam. Here are the remaining snaps, from Kottayam to Thiruvananthapuram. Please read the captions below each snap. (As before, many of the road snaps were taken from a moving car, so the quality may not be excellent.)

I wanted to capture a beautifully illuminated shop at Kottayam, but a bus got in the way. Then I spotted this coconut tree and tried to shoot it instead. I know it doesn’t look great, but this was the best of three attempts – it was late evening, and we were in the middle of crawling traffic, and unable to stop for a snap.

Josco, Kottayam – on the other side of the coconut tree. Same condition as above.

It was raining the entire week, almost non-stop. Here Munnu stands getting drenched, wondering whether to continue or come into the house. He finally took off his clothes and took a bath in the rain. Ah, the joys of childhood!

Onassadya – the lunch, in traditional style, on banana leaves.

This monkey loves mango trees!

We encountered a khoshayatra on Avittam day, and the ‘deer’ came to make friends with Munnu.

Munnu and his grandpa at Shanghumugham beach (Thiruvananthapuram.) The only thing that Bangalore lacks is a beach!

The sea was rough – the tide was high, it was noon-time and the day of the full moon.

Munnu tasting sea water!