First Reviews: Tales from the Garden City

//First Reviews: Tales from the Garden City

First Reviews: Tales from the Garden City

The first set of feedback for my book, Tales from the Garden City, has started coming in. Let me share some of them here.

“A story is not just about the literary skills of a writer but her ability to make the reader feel like they are living the scenarios depicted through the course of the story. You have succeeded in presenting a very convincing and visually absorbing kind of story telling. Each story stands on its own and cannot really pick any one as my favourite. The stories prompt us to look at life at a much deeper way, even while each story is presented in the simplest way possible. For people who like to read stories as reflections of life, this is the book to get their hands on….”
– Arun Kunjunny, by mail

“The stories I liked the best are The Well, A Variant Perspective and All in a Day’s Work. You have presented the Other Person’s views quite well, especially in these stories.”
– Mridula Gopakumar, over phone

“While reading thru the stories, something came to my mind. Is there any touch of reality there?
I liked the stories The Well, Rendezvous with Terror, The land of my forefathers, All in a days work, etc.
Its really commendable… that you took pains to do it and focused on it…”
– Manju Sreekantan, by mail

“The stories I liked the most (i) A Variant Perspective (ii) The Well and (iii) In retrospective.

I could feel a level of freshness in your stories and I like the way in which you have carved some of the stories on simple one liners. I did enjoy reading the book and some of the characters refused to leave me for some days.”
– Ninan John, by mail

“I liked A Variant Perspective and Premonition the best.”
– Prema Itty Eipe, by mail

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  1. Nikki-ann September 29, 2009 at 8:41 pm - Reply

    Great reviews 🙂 Well done!

  2. Jean September 30, 2009 at 6:34 am - Reply

    Thanks, Nikki-ann.

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