1. Why does loud sound come out of our mouths? (When I asked him not to speak too loudly at night.)

2. Is it because my Father is a big man that he has to stay at office late? (When I said bigger children have to stay more time at school, as opposed to half-day for him.)

3. When I grow up and you become small, I will not give you chocolates! (When I refused him chocolates one day, about a year ago. He seems to have learnt since that his Mom won’t grow smaller with time, which could be an issue, as he cannot take vengeance on her.)

4. Why are girls happy when they get flowers? (After this observation, he makes it a point to pluck flowers and give me whenever we go out for a walk!)

5. Why does Tom seem to like girl cats? (I admit I did not have a good answer to that.)

6. Is the Chairman a person who makes chairs? (He probably encountered the Chairman of his school that day.)

7. “… and the little cow said, I want to go to the Daddy cow.” (During the story time with his little toy animals. Also sometimes enters Mother Bull whenever the little bull cries for her.)

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