A few days ago, I was invited to contribute at the blog “India Tweets“. Needless to say, I accepted it with delight.

India Tweets is an incredible idea conceived by Vinod Sharma who has brought together a group of bloggers to write Anything India, in 140 words. Even better, he invites readers to contribute! In his own words, “No rules, except 140 words and related to India.” If you haven’t visited the blog already, do now to read off-beat and varied tweets about India – and all in 140 words!

About the origin of this idea? Vinod says, “The idea for a 140 word came to me from Twitter itself. 140 characters are too few, but in 140 words one can tell a full story.”

And just now I noticed that the total number of posts at India Tweets now is 140!

Amazing, eh?