If someone tells you that social networking sites are a waste of time, refer them to me.

Once upon a time I too thought so, but no longer. They are a waste of time if all you do there is chat. Even then, one would manage to pick up some good news or information or gyan – at least to improve one’s GK!

I did a U-turn regarding my take on Social Networking sites a couple of months ago when I started following the ‘right’ people with the ‘right’ interests. I was able to participate at the Bangalore Book Festival because of a chance tweet from Pothi.Com that I could easily have missed, but didn’t. And now, thanks to Gopinath Mavinkurve whom I met through Blogger/Twitter, I have had my first newspaper article published, in the New Indian Express.

Curiously enough, the article is regarding Twitter!

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A Great Big Thank You is due to my dear friends Prema and Ninan of Kochi who facilitated this through a friend of theirs.

Click here to read the online version: http://tinyurl.com/y89lwsp
(Again Gopinath Mavinkurve has helped locate this link!!!!!)

Do tell me if you like the article!