The water flowed through the straight, open duct. It has been, for years.
And for years it would go on before it reached its Destiny.
It never knew a world existed outside. It knew the wind, the light, the sky, the duct and itself.
It moved with the breeze, generated ripples.
It spoke to the leaves that sometimes fell on it.
It sighed in the darkness to the glowing moon that glided past every night.
It sang lullabies and rocked itself to sleep.
And called this, its Life.
And it was Happy.

One day an opening appeared on the side of the duct.
“A crack!” said the water. Its perfect world was broken. And yet it stared with wide eyes, fearless and amazed, thirsting for adventure.
The duct said, “Look away! This is evil. It will heal itself soon. Go on your way.”

But the water, like a child, wanted to explore.

It squeezed itself out of the hole. The world ahead was Wild. Green. Huge. Unruly. Awesome. Unprotected.

How simple and uneventful its life had been. Now, right before its eyes were exciting tangles, hurdles, dangers, challenges, romance.
Greeting it with open arms.

The water would never return to the duct again.
If it ever does, its Life would not be the same.