Oh, I did laugh my share of laughter at the old joke on Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder(AAADD), just a few years ago. Little did I know that I would come up with my own version, extracted directly from my own interesting days, so early in my Life.

I was getting my son’s school bag ready, throwing his books and tiffin box into it.
I remembered that his water bottle was in the bedroom.
I went to get it and saw that the bed was unmade.
I just started making the bed when I saw that he had left his glass of milk near the bed the previous night, so I took it into the kitchen.
One glance at the pile of unclean dishes in the sink and I started on them.
Then I realised that breakfast was not cooked.
I took the iddli batter from the refrigerator, ready to pour into the iddli cooker, when I looked out of the kitchen window and remembered that I need to run the washing machine, else there would be no clothes left to wear.
Hurriedly I pulled some unwashed dresses from here and there, and rushed to thrust them into the machine when I noticed that my plants were not watered and the unkind Sun was bearing on them.
I was about to throw down the clothes and start watering them when my son came out ready for school and looked around for his bag…

The school-bag not ready, the bed unmade, the dishes not done, breakfast uncooked, clothes unwashed, plants not watered, I begin the cycle again…

Attention deficit? Laugh, my good reader, laugh…
I hope you have some stories to share with me as well.