Vishu, from the recesses of Memory…

… Summer Vacation
… An old house that exists no more, and a farm
… Grandparents…
… Being woken up at half-past-four in the morning, and brought before the Vishukani with eyes covered

… Wondering in half-sleep where the Vishukani came from, as it wasn’t there the previous night
… Being given a coin each from grandparents and parents as Vishukaineetam
… Going back to bed, clutching the coins tight
… Come morning, bath, new dress and visiting the elders in the area for more Vishukaineetam
… Fighting with cousins over whether the bigger hex-shaped 20 paise coin or the smaller round 25 paise coin is better
… A small Devi Temple almost right across the house
… A river that flows at the door-step
… Running in and out of the house between games to munch home-made banana chips and to drink water from the mannkalam in the kitchen
… Playing hide and seek in the Cocoa plantation

Vishu, now…

… Taking a leave for Vishu, because it is not a holiday in these parts
… Checking with the local Malayalee store a couple of days before Vishu as to whether, and when, Konnappoo will be available
… Rushing to the store before the said time to ensure that we get a bunch before the rest of the Malayalees in the area snatch them away
… Buying a few vegetables for the Vishukani, compromising with lesser number than required, as the whole set won’t be available there, anyway why buy the ones we won’t use afterwards?

A sparse Vishukani

Vishukani at 7am, oh well, who wants to wake up earlier than that?
… Bringing the little one with his eyes covered to see the Vishukani and giving him Vishukaineetam, no longer 20 paise or 25 paise coins, but notes in the double and triple digits
… Calling up his grandparents for Vishu wishes over phone
… Reading and responding to SMS Vishu wishes
… Preparing a few ‘special’ items with rice for lunch and calling it Sadya