Every time I visit Kerala, some one or the other reminds me to fasten my seatbelt in the car otherwise ‘the traffic cops would be on you in no time’ – this being a comparatively recent law in the State. This, considering the fact that there are still ancient cars on the road that do not have anything that closely resembles seat belts.

But that is far from the point.
Pray, why does no one ever think of enforcing seat-belts for autos? No, before you dismiss the suggestion with a smirk and a wave of your hand, do listen to my tale.

Last week I had an opportunity to travel from M.G.Road to Koramangala in an auto rickshaw, bumping and bouncing over the road, the driver not glancing back once to ensure his passenger was safe in her seat. In fact, I am thankful that when he reached the destination, I was still perched in his vehicle to pay him for his services, for I had clung to the bar behind his seat for dear life.

I shudder to think what would have happened had that bar not existed in the auto. I would have blown away (yes, I said ‘blown away’) through the wide open doors of the auto and vanished into the oblivion they call Bangalore Traffic.

Hence the thought, why aren’t there any seatbelts in autos? If any of you have a clue, do share.