Of the ten Avatars of Vishnu, the one that holds the most fascination is that of Kalki – for the very reason that he is yet to make his appearance, and is expected towards the end of the Kaliyug.

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… In a certain village called Shambala, Kalki would evolve. He will be born as a son to a virtuous Brahmin couple called Vishnuyasha and Sumati, on a bright fortnight of the lunar month of Vaishakha [beginning on approximately 21 April and ending on approximately 21 May on the solar calendar], on the 12th lunar tithi or occasion of (Dvadashi). The Brahman boy will be endowed with the gifts of intelligence, strength and valor. He will assemble other Brahmins into a formidable army to squash evil totally.

He will be identified by two of the Nine Immortals or Chiranjeevin currently residing on the planet. They are characters from the Mahabharata, Parashurama and Ashwatthama. Parashurama is the sixth Avatar of Vishnu, who replanted the flag of Dharma, by wiping off the tyrannical Kshatriya clan or warrior class from the face of the earth. Ashwathama, the son of the Guru or teacher of martial arts of the Pandavas, Dronacharya. Parashurama will appear to be the spiritual guide of Kalki, by educating him to undergo penance. Parashurama himself meditated with utmost devotion for 1000years. Lord Shiva then blessed him with a divine weapon for cleansing vice, as a reward of such penance. He would help Kalki to march forward, following the same path, achieve the Ratna Maru sword and the heavenly parrot, Shuka from Shiva and accomplish his task.

He will marry Padma, the Avatar of Vishnu`s consort, Devi Lakshmi and have two children, sons Jaya and Vijaya. Kalki will also perform the grand Ashwamedha Sacriifice to abolish all vitiated kings and false prophets, before embarking on the mighty assignment of the final obliteration of evil and misery in the Kali Yuga. Kalki, as it has been mentioned will usher in the Krita Age of purity and excellence. After the completion of his work, the human shape of Kalki, will expose itself in the four-armed cast of MahaVishnu and return to his celestial abode of Vaikunth.

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