The Father …

//The Father …

The Father …

He engineered Independence.
He lived by the principles he advocated.
He led the country in a relentless fight – by redefining the word ‘fight’.
He brought the British to their knees.
He gave his life to do it.

He was the only answer to India’s greatest problem. Then, and since.
No one before or after has been able to bring the nation together by sheer force of will.
He gave new meaning to Sacrifice.

When his followers were required to prove they were worthy of him, they failed him. “Everyone cannot be a Mahatma,” they claimed. They split the country and tore his heart.

Perhaps only time that he lost the battle with his own.

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  1. Shrinath Vashishtha October 4, 2010 at 8:23 am - Reply

    Truly intriguing views about the Mahatma, dear Jeena! It's the strength and class of noble character, that has been lacking terribly and haplessly in this enviably endowed nation's generations, which is why the great soul of the great legend still awaits the true return that it deserves from the countrymen…

    Thanks for your kind visit to my blog and sharing your good thoughts with us there at my recent post –


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