The questions have lost some of their beauty and innocence because of my crude translation…

1. Why is it that boy lions have long hair and girl lions don’t have any hair, whereas it is the other way round in people?

2. Why is Ganesha’s head the same colour as his body? Shouldn’t it have the colour of an elephant?

3. What did the little elephant’s Mother do when the Gods took away her child’s head to attach with Ganesha’s body? (God, I swear I never thought of that!)

4. If Z is spelled as ‘Z-E-D’ and B is spelled as ‘B-I’, what is the spelling of A?

5. Where does the cow get all the milk from?

6. This one’s a gem. He was watching Walt Disney’s ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs‘. When the handsome Prince comes upon Snow White suddenly, she runs inside, alarmed. When I explained that the girl ran away because she was surprised and scared, the simple and straightforward question comes: “Why did she run? Why didn’t she just ask him, ‘Who are you?'”

7. – “How many Gods are there in this World?”
    – “I don’t know. A lot.”
    – “Tell me how many!”
    – “Ten thousand and one.”
    – “Ok. Now tell me their names.”

8. “What will happen if we eat the Moon? Will we become the Moon?”

9. (Don’t ask what made me explain tides and waves to an almost-five-year-old, but I did, and this was the result:)
“Why is the Moon pulling at all the water in the ocean? Is she trying to drink it?”
“If the Earth wasn’t pulling it back, would all the water fly up to the sky?”

10. Hearing me call both my Mother and my Mother-in-law as ‘Amma’, he asks me, “How come you have two Ammas? I have only one. I want two Ammas as well!”

PS: Can anyone help me with the answers?

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