A television channel for children must seem like a good idea, but there is only one problem…

When a five-year-old wants to watch, they play a complicated science program that makes use of Sodium Bicarbonate or talks of Carbon dioxide (–“Mamma, it’s Prateek’s program and he’s speaking in Hindi.”  “Better watch some other channel, son.”) and when a ten-year-old places himself before the set, there comes the puppet show, “Galli Galli Sim Sim.” (“Ugh, it’s the kids’ program again!“)

Speaking of children’s TV, I must say M.A.D has become one of my favourite shows, and I think Rob is an incredibly talented guy. My five-year-old watches the program intently and after it is over, takes a paper, and starts to draw or fold and create things the way he has seen Rob do.

Yes, just in case anyone is wondering, there are programs that I encourage my son to watch.