It was not in the pipeline. No, it was not a New Year resolution. It was not contemplated before it was launched. My short story blog came up almost on its own. I suspect that a certain Someone, for reasons I know nothing about, left clues for me to pick up or ignore. I chose to take them, and created a wordpress blog for my short stories that I meaningfully call Echoes from Afar. Within days it was made clear why the blog was essential before I stepped into the New Year.

I did have a short story blog in those times. It was not public. I dared not show it to anyone till the idea of getting the stories published crept in. Today, when I see fresh authors proudly display their work, I cannot help but be amazed. Looking back, I think I was right. Had I made them public, a lot many things would have been different today. That blog still exists, in the depths of blogspot, inviting a hit or two per year from people who stumble on it in their search for something else.

The stories I have posted at Echoes from Afar are newer in comparison, so I decided against refurbishing the old blog. Besides, there are ominous and far-reaching reasons behind the birth of the new blog. Anyway! The first four stories, Traffic, Smoked Out!, The Blink of an Eye and Belief had been published last year by the MAG. The two new stories are Coming of the Monsoons and Onions. There are a few more in varying levels of draft, and I intend to publish one or two a month without hindering my other regular writing work. Of course, there is no pressure, only a desire to write (and complete) as many as possible in this lifetime. I don’t even know why that’s important. Till I figure out its significance, I’ll try to keep up with the speed of inspiration.

Some day, maybe, these stories will find their way to a book too…