Good things should come in fast-forwarded sequence, like in films where months and years fly by in seconds and suddenly the novice has become an expert. Bad things are welcome to take their own time.

You meet someone who thinks like you, who gets along well with you, then one day you begin to wonder where in your life they really fit in, and realise that this is not the end, there is more to come, and that before long you’re going to end up in a place very far from where you are today.

History repeats, as many times as possible. But some students refuse to learn.

Life teaches the same lessons to everyone. Some learn fast, some take a lifetime.

A family is as old as its youngest member and as wise as its eldest.

Superstitions that keep hope alive are good.

Life, as I get to see every day, is one big fuzzy logic! But when I look closely, even in the chaos I can find an order.