Mamma, I didn’t like this new bey blade you brought for me.”
“What! Why?

“It doesn’t spin well. See? It stops too soon.”
“Oh, I don’t know anything about that. I just checked if it was working fine and bought it.”

“Well, it works. But not as good as R’s.”
“Uh. That’s too bad. I thought you’ll like it. There were two others at the shop that weren’t working at all, so I chose this.”

“Which were those?”
I don’t know. Some bey blade. Would you have liked those that don’t work??”

“No. I just wanted to know.”


“Mamma, I like this.”

“The new bey-blade.”
“Wha-? I thought you said it wasn’t good enough.”

“I thought so at first. But now, see? If I rip it thus, it spins spectacularly.”
“That’s good.”

“Thank you, baby.” *Bliss*

* * * * *

Dad, please bring me one bey blade when you come.”
“I will try. It’s pretty late and most of the toy shops must have closed.”

“Baby, if your Dad brings some bey blade, even if it is not the one you wanted, please don’t complain.”


“Hi baby, here is the bey blade I bought for you. They were about to close the shop.”
“Wow! This is exactly what I wanted!!!”

“No, not really. I just said so because you’d gone through so much trouble to get me one.”