…do you mean

… the kind of money people like Kalmadi tried to get away with?

… the kind of money some others really managed to stack their bank accounts with?

… the notes we offer to the official at the RTO office to ensure our driving licence comes through without any hitch? The amount we hand over to the driving school so that they nudge the RTO official to ‘do the needful’?

… the hundred rupee note that we surreptitiously slip into the hands of the traffic cop to avoid a speeding ticket?

… the teacher who leaks the question paper so that her son can be the class topper?

… the appointment people have with their doctor at his house, to get special care during the surgery the next day?

… the phone call to a friend working in the school to guarantee your child gets admission without an interview?

… the man at work cleaning the house whispering to another, “that’s enough scrubbing, no one’s watching anyway”?

… the call to your doctor friend to get preference over the 20 waiting patients?