I am a responsible citizen,
I oppose Child Labour.
But I will protect Children
After I eradicate poverty.
I will take care of Poor
After I combat illiteracy.
How can I battle illiteracy, When 
Women are being harassed?
The women can of course wait, cos
I am off to curb Corruption.
I am against Corruption, but
Who will rid the world of Terrorism?
I am against Governments-
They never get anything done.
I am against Protests:
They only waste my time.
I am against Gandhians,
I only follow Gandhi.
I am against my People.
But I am for the Country.
I am against Politicians.
But I won’t join Politics.
I uphold Democracy.
But I will never Vote.
I don’t believe in Causes.
I am my own Cause.
I raise the Tricolour, within
My indoor sanctuary.
I will lie in zombie, forever
And raise my finger at you.
I will wait to act…
Till my Time will come.