6-yr-old: “When I grow up, I will go to space. I want to be an astronaut.”
Me: “Okay. Did you learn that in school today?”

“Yes. Prateek and I will go to space.”
“Very good.”

“So when we become big, and finish our school and college, they will ask us ‘What do you want to be?’, right? I will say ‘Astronaut’. Then I can go to space, right?”
“Well, not exactly. When you decide what you want to be, you will have to study more about that before you start working. To be an astronaut, you will have to learn Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, I don’t know, things like that.”

“What for?”
“You can’t just finish school and directly go to space. You need to know everything there is to know. That’s how it works.”

“Neil I’m Strong was the first man to go to space. Was he really very Strong?”
“I am sure he was. By the way, his name was Armstrong, not I’m Strong. And he went to the Moon. He was not the first man in space, he was the first man on the Moon. The first man in space was Yuri Gagarin.”

“But moon is in space. So he went to space.”
“No, Yuri Gagarin went before him, floated around a bit and returned.”

“So, is any planet left where no one has gone yet?”
“Jupiter. No one has landed on Jupiter till now.”

“Okay. So that’s where I am going.”