I call up the supermarket guy and ask him to deliver a few items to my house.
He says Okay. I say Thank You.
He says Thank You.

The home delivery boy comes and hands over the packets.
I pay him. I say Thank You.
He says Thank You.

The auto driver drops me to my apartment.
I pay him and say Thank You.
He says Okay.

I call up the Broadband Support and lodge a complaint.
They fix it and call me back.
I say Thank You.
They say No problem.

He comes up with a new idea and implements it.
His colleagues say Awesome.
He says Thank You.
They say You’re welcome.

She steps on a cat’s tail as she hurries out.
She says Sorry.
The cat says Meow.

Hollow words, borne out of habit.

My niece gives a parcel to my son when she comes to visit.
He opens it and peers inside. I ask him what it contains.
He says, Biscuits and Gulab Jamun.
I ask, Did you say Thank you?
He shakes his head with an embarrassed smile.
He comes to me and whispers loudly, Can I have the Gulab Jamun now?
I nod, beaming.
My niece has got her Thank You.