*Warning: negative post ahead.

One must not take one’s passions too seriously, or set out in pursuit of them.
Trust me on this. It will be much easier if you just take my word.
No? Then read on.

It is one thing to say, Follow your Dreams. It is yet another to shed the normalcy and security of daily life, and set out on the unfamiliar road, clutching a sheaf of hopes. The road less travelled, some say, to inject a sense of romance into it. That’s brave of you, they say, to make you feel proud of your actions.

It is not easy, for sure, but to assume that the road is less crowded is attempting to deceive oneself.

It is not easy to look at people one has known all one’s life and see them as characters. Observe their traits. Their colours. Their smells. Their accents.
It is not normal to manipulate situations, throw baits and wait for the bite.
Everything becomes a tool in a laboratory. Everyone becomes a lab rat.
Some call that art, the unapologetic term for irresponsible behaviour.

Worst of all, it is not easy to ask oneself every day, Was this the road I was meant to take? Or, am I making a mistake and wasting years of my life? Am I going to die over a pile of regrets??

Until a goal is reached, one never knows. In some cases, not even when a goal is reached.
What is the goal, after all, if not the journey itself?

What purpose does it serve anyway?
A sense of achievement that lasts a week? Nothing is satisfying or gratifying after ten days, is it?

The journey continues, regardless of the number of stations that pass, the milestones you cross. What does a mountaineer do after conquering Everest? There is no End, is there? There is no destination, no place that signifies the Ultimate Goal. Each goal gives way to the immediate next.

Isn’t it easier to give up, turn back and swat those pestering dreams away while you can?
Isn’t it even easier to never start, to pretend those dreams never existed?

What’s a few more regrets anyway, in the end? There will probably be less regrets, for there is nothing more selfish than chasing one’s own dreams.

Mark my words…