There she goes again,
weeping, sobbing,
screaming, howling,
spraying her tears all around.

Why is the sky so sad?
Why does she cry so bad?

Does she have thoughts,
emotions, feelings,
friends who hurt her,
people who make her cry?

Does she have fury-
hitting and yelling,
plodding and pounding-
that she wants to unleash?

Does she feel lonely
amidst the crowd
that throng her
on her darkest nights?

Does she endure
having to smile
like us, when the
pain is unable to bear?

Does she also believe
her sniffing, sneezing,
sobbing, goes
unnoticed in the dark?

Does she so glow
in her deepest sorrow
beautiful and calm
with a million stars?

After I wrote this I was reminded of Smt.Sugathakumari’s Rathrimazha, which I had learnt in school. That beautiful poem must have inspired me from somewhere deep within.

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  1. Anonymous September 23, 2012 at 5:52 am - Reply

    Why should you think she is a she? She can be a he too. Atleast a metamorphosis is possible during one's lifetime. She was a she for me too not pretty long ago. I had then felt Her glee many a times, but never a sob, mind you, never once. Not a drop of tear. I had also "felt" her covering me tenderly like a mother holding her son. I have had also watched her gleefully ignoring the immense anguish of a friend of mine and go around in her immensely gleeful way. That was when I understood that the sky and for that matter,Nature, is like that. More like a He. Though the metamorphosis arguably is taking place in your mind. The startling finale is that suddenly it becomes an It, though much later, after you go on watching for a pretty long period.That is painful for many people, the total disregard, that is. Or ask somebody who is actually bewildered at Nature – It.

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