The roads are now wider, the green is all gone;
The full moon at dusk throws a cool, golden dawn.
An old tree once stood where a new one’s now born,
Old garments stripped off as new ones are worn.

Night streets are well-lit, which once were all dark,
The streaming of cars, with no space to park;
The shiny outsides only hide what they lack,
The old days are past, one can’t hold them back.

The children are busy, grown up and gone
Leaving their parents to wait up, alone.
The garden is unkempt, the path over-grown,
The flowers have withered, no seeds are now sown.

An old shop, new people; new signboard, old name:
The cup of vanilla still tastes just the same!
Landscape beloved has vanished from town,
Landmarks have come up, old ones come down.

The beach, well-remembered, the waves children wade,
Open, safe places where friendships were made;
The sunset is over, the crowd soon does fade,
Fearful of danger that lurks in the shade.

Childhood, a shell, gathers memories by day,
Happiness, sadness, all that come our way;
Rising and falling the feelings, they sway,
To savour and taste when we are far away.

Once there was love, and life was not fast,
Hearts were much closer in spaces so vast
Changes will blossom, the shock does not last,
Lonely are journeys I make to my past.