“Do you know what I will be when I am big?” my son said to me in utmost confidence one day at lunch.

“What?” I said, without much interest. So far he has wanted to be an astronaut, a football player and a skating teacher, among other things I could barely remember.
“The President of India,” he said.

I raised my eyebrows. That was definitely a new one.

“Yes,” he said, seeing my surprise. “You know why?”
He asks too many questions, believe me. More than that, he wants me to ask him the right questions. “Why?” I said.

“Because I know what is the most important duty of the President of India.” Then he waited for me to ask.
“What is that?” I duly obliged.

“To save people and protect people.” He launched into an explanation of the save-and-protect clause. “If someone gets into trouble like, like, like, if they fall into the sea or a pool or something, he should help them, right? Like that. He should help people.”

Pranab-da, I hope you’re listening.