And thus, we have successfully crossed to the other side of the dreaded and much anticipated Dec 21, 2012.

Whatever we may have said, however confident we made ourselves appear that the Mayans were a bunch of crackpots, however we rubbished the Doomsday predictions, most of us have had this inkling of doubt that maybe, just maybe, these ages-old wise men did know a thing or two. Maybe there was indeed a huge meteor headed our way. Maybe the sun was going to turn nasty, and pull us harder into its mouth. Maybe there was a very secret volcano brewing under our feet all this while which was going to hit expiry date this week. Maybe this was going to be the first – and the last – predicted earthquake (of literally earth-shattering magnitude) in the history of the planet. Maybe our space watchers and scientists knew it all the time and kept it from us, to avoid a collective international panic and stampede.

But, whew, thank goodness and all that, the day is now behind us. At least, if there is a real doomsday lurking around the corner, it will catch us unawares, which is much better than waiting for the hangman’s loop, really.

The world as most of us know it, did not end as predicted.

But the sad part is that for many people, their worlds did shatter and crash and come to a tragic end this year, and not necessarily on Dec 21.

In the first half of this year, I lost people who are very dear to me. A few of my dear friends lost their loved ones. There were also people whom I did not know closely but their departure left voids all around. Whatever little achievements I may have had this year, whatever big hurdles I managed to cross, seem to fade in comparison to the enormity of these losses.
For each one of us, a part of our world did come to an end, like it does every year. For others, the rapid corrosion had begun.

The world proved once again that it is not a great place to live in (and our own continuing contribution to that situation is enormous), but, as usual, we really do not have a choice but to keep on living.

So we gingerly step into 2013. Without having a say in what comes our way. We do not have the luxury of staying back in the comfort of our past, in the safety of places and things we are familiar with.

We have to put our best foot forward and take each day as it comes.