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Waiting for the Show

I know why people watch daily shows on TV. Oh, yes I know. Once upon a time I didn’t, and I thought I never would. It’s astonishing how easily our opinions change, and we don’t even notice that they have changed. So we watch shows episode after episode, laugh at them, mock them, elaborate on the stupidity and shallowness of the characters, and – come back to watch them the next day.

Because people who have nothing better to wait for, they wait for these shows. Day after day, week after week. Because absolutely everyone needs to have something to wait for.

After some time, like all addictions, it doesn’t stop with one dose. So we start looking for a second one – the high of two different shows. And then a third. And then we say, “Thank God this program is ending next month. I am not going to be addicted any more.”

But there are more of them coming up, every day…

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  1. sunil deepak January 30, 2013 at 1:25 pm - Reply

    But when you do find a good serial, something done well, that is great. I remember a time on the Doordarshan when there were some really nice shows that I still remember!

    BTW, even with internet, is it so difficult to find other things to wait for, that are more interesting? 🙂

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