We’re the rogue generation of our species.

The ones that came after us learnt it from us, the ones before us are appalled at us. We claim to be standing on the shoulders of our ancestors so as to place the blame heavily and easily on them.

We are the group that lost its way and was separated from its own. We are also the ones who learned to stand on our feet and trample our past.

We’re the final chip that broke off from nature, the ones who took the wrong turns at the crossroads. We have experimented with ourselves, and we have taken it on others. 

We call ourselves the intelligent generation, the intelligent species, the intelligent race, but the lessons we take come from the ‘lesser’ intelligent ones who still follow the rules of nature.

We fight ourselves and we fight others. Humans have become beasts and the beasts, humane.

We battle just for the sake of battling, and not for need, existence or survival. We’re the ones who battle for no cause and need no cause for battle.

We forsake the weak and pamper the powerful. We rip the world into two and we rush to join the latter, for the weak are too weak and the strong are too strong.

We have untangled ourselves from the ground and the trees and the rivers and the sky, and we call ourselves independent.

We terminate a bee and its family for their crime of daring to create a buzz.

We try to take pride in our achievements even as we know the foundations on which they were built are crumbling to dust.

We have reached the point where we take the world and the galaxy and the universe for granted and expect them all to rotate to our needs.

We know what we do, but we cannot change.

We are aware of the harm but we still continue causing harm.

We fear to look back lest we see our own past accusing us.

We’re the ones who have signed our own death warrant…
… as we sway on the brink of extinction.