Give yourself one point if your answer is ‘Yes’ and zero if it is a ‘No’ (That settles the ages-old question of whether zero is negative or positive.)

  1. Do you get the time to watch at least three movies a week on an average? (Without counting the weekend.)
  2. Do you get to take afternoon naps at least four days a week, except on stressful weeks? (Again, leave the weekend out of this.)
  3. Do you have dinner with your spouse and children? Or at least, are you doing anything other than work when the family is at dinner?
  4. Do you feel that working from home gives you the opportunity to attend to your house and family and other personal interests as much as you like?
  5. Are you satisfied with the pay you receive?
  6. Do you think your employers acknowledge and appreciate your flexible working hours?
  7. Are you happily employed? In other words, is the job satisfying?
  8. Are you busy in a good way?
  9. Do you get time to chat with your spouse when they get back from work and listen to your children when they return from school?
  10. Do you go to bed at a reasonable hour?
  11. Do you have weekends?
  12. Are you happy that you are not going out to work?
  13. Even on the stressful days, when you go late to bed, do you feel a sense of accomplishment?
  14. Do you feel that your employers and peers respect you?
  15. Do you think you have attained the best work-life balance possible?

15 and above (“Flying Colours”!):  Dude, a bunch of resumés are on the way. We all want your job.
10-14: What are you doing here? Go watch today’s movie or take a nap!
6-9: You could look around for other options; you really don’t have to convince yourself that this is the best you can get.
0-5: Why are you wasting your life in this miserable job? Is there any reason why you’re doing this? Take the plunge! (“CIDs, escape!”)

Disclaimer: This survey is (as you have guessed) not based on any scientific research or study, but it is based on something more solid than research or studies – experience – and it is not intended to do more than to invoke a chuckle or a sigh or both.