The day is going to be hectic. Let me begin it by going through my Friends’ updates on Facebook. That’ll make me happy. 

30 minutes spent on Facebook:

News link shared by a “Friend”. Read the title. Can’t read more. Like.

34 Photos of a Friend and family vacationing in a beautiful place I will never visit in my life. Damn. Some people have everything. Like.

Philosophical update from a Friend. Read. Didn’t understand. Must be something very very profound or clever. Worth a Like.

Profile update of a Friend who updates profile three times a week. Not again! Self-absorbed. Self-something. Boring! It’s time I updated my profile picture. Comment: You look cute.

Status update from a Friend who has a million Friends on Facebook. He has updated three minutes ago, and there are already 247 Likes and 30 comments. Miniature celebrity. He could do without my Like or comment. Though I should admit, what he says does make sense. Ugh. 

Political mud slinging from this party to that. Nice. Pass.

Hilarious update from a Friend. Chuckle, chuckle. Clever guy. Like.

Fanatical religious update. Why did I make this person my ‘Friend’ on Facebook, again? Can’t remember. Pass.

Blog from a Friend who blogs twice a week. There she goes again. Who does she think she is? I had Liked her post last week. I will skip this time.

Big discussion going on about the upcoming elections and the top parties. Eeek. I hate politics. I hate these people who taint my wall with politics. Scroll down.

Suggested Post. Facebook, please. You know everything about me. Don’t you know I can’t stand advertisements?

Someone has published a book or made a movie or done something creative. Damn, Damn. I am here too, God. Have you forgotten? Like, dammit. Like. Like. Like.

Friend has posted picture of his daughter winning an award. Cute kid. Brilliant. Like. Wish there was a better word than ‘Like’. ‘Delighted’, perhaps. Or ‘Excited’. Or even, ‘Proud of You’?

‘Friend’ whom I barely remember bought a new car. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Great news. Who cares?

Fanatic Friend has posted something offensive again. Get a life, dammit.

Scattered a few comments here and there, I hope I got them all at the right places: Beautiful. Wow. Cute. Thank you. Welcome. All the Best. Really? Great Job.

Damn. Why does everyone have such exciting lives, while I just sit here hitting Likes, Waiting?

Let me go post some brilliantly stupid, philosophical nonsense. Hah. Type, type, delete, type, edit, type.

Hit by a wave of depression.
Close Window.

Let me get back to my @#$%# work.