5 Reasons why swearing aloud* should be made legal and even encouraged:

1. Mothers don’t have to be concerned about their children throwing bad words around. The more we try to suppress them, the more likely they are to yell those out. Tell them those are great words, and even utter a few yourself.

2. Anyone who has tried swearing or muttering curses of any order knows how relieving it can be, even if we whisper it under our breath so that no one else can hear. So many pent up feelings get released because of the medicinal effect of a few of those phrases. (Studies show a significant normalisation of blood pressure after curses are uttered by people under severe stress. In fact, there is a group of activists fighting for the cause of bringing Swearing Treatment into mainstream medicine.)

3. Those with violent tendencies may find that cursing their enemies (or friends who have misbehaved) could significantly reduce the pressure on themselves to break things in their reach.

4. You cannot call them names to their face, and sometimes you are forced to smile and act nice to them. So calling them not-so-nice names when they are not around even brings some harmless joy. Not to speak of the soothing effect on the nerves.

5. There is absolutely no need for the dudes at the other end of the television to scan every word uttered in movies/shows and insert bleeps wherever needed. (Apparently that latest Di Caprio movie cannot be screened in India because they might have to cut all the dialogs out and insert one long two-hour bleep.)

*Not to be confused with swearing-in.