Get up late.
Wonder whether having breakfast is a good idea, or should one go directly to lunch? Or be fancy and settle for ‘brunch’?
Suddenly remember that it is a working day, though it is a holi-holiday for the child.
Rush and go through the pending works in panic. Including, throwing together some edible items into a plate and calling it breakfast for the child.
Then remember that there are chores to attend to, that need to be addressed rightaway.
Dash madly between the kitchen and the washing machine and the work desk and the bathroom and the balcony and the bedrooms, in an absent-minded effort to finish tasks.
Heat. Hot. Hotter.

Flop down exhausted and see how much work is pending: as much as it was two hours ago.

Try not to get distracted when the child runs in and out every five minutes picking up his cricket bat, throwing his football, pulling out his skateboard, tossing his sandals, and yelling and screaming.
Have lunch, two hours behind schedule.
Read SMS about rains (with thunder and lightning, no less) in Kerala and get very irritated at the injustice.
Afternoon nap. Ah, bliss.
It is evening already and a lot of work is still pending.
TV time – an hour of (semblance of) peace-of-mind.
10pm: mostly-uninterrupted work begins.