You walk out the door, knowing fully well
She’ll be home when you’re back.

You waste no time on Thank Yous, Sorrys,
But you spot the stains she missed.

You walk in, walk out, you don’t see
No time she has for herself.

She’s wound tight, is it her fault?
She worries of you, day n’ night.

Mother is tired, she needs rest,
She’s been toiling while you were gone.

Her life is passing, did you know,
She too won’t get back lost time.

Locked in the endless circle of life
She battles each passing day.

She tries to ensure you get no blame;
But, do you try to do the same?

Does she fall behind in chores,
Do you see her race against time?

Do you say, It’s okay to be tired? Or
Offer a shoulder to rest her head?

Do you see what she’s become, confined to her life?
Do you at all see what she’s giving up?

Your life goes on, you waste no while,
Do you heed her cries for help?

She crams 48 hours into her twenty-four
To be as close to perfect as she can.

Mother’s had a long day; for once, see her needs:
Learn to say a kind word, offer her some peace.