Behold, my son, the world’s changing;
And you’re so young and fresh.
You can run and learn new ways
But I am too old to catch up.

I was young in my time, (sigh)
And a long way have I come…
I did my share of running, too-
A good learner in my day.

I know how you see me
In the sunset of my life;
In your eyes I’m frail and old
A woman with no past.

My journey has been long
There’s been many a sacrifice;
Can I teach you my lessons
To save you from that pain?

When I speak and judge you
It comes from experience
And not from ignorance

I now know that’s what mothers do.
I also know I’m wrong
You can’t learn from my mistakes
You have to make your own
And so it would go on and on.