Is the harshest word
In my dictionary.
Never use it

Why not say Tomorrow
It gives me Hope.
Or try, Sometimes, and
I’ll assume It’s possible.

Tell me Maybe,
I think It’ll happen.
Let’s see assures me
It’s not over.

You say Probably,
I hear Fifty-Fifty.
It May or May not.
I like to go with May.

When it’s Au revoir
I hear only the promise
Till we meet again
It’s Not a Goodbye.

Even in Unlikely
I sense an Optimism
I tell myself I will wait
It might be, Some Day.

But, Never
That’s another thing.
Never is the door, shut
On my face.

Never is the brick wall
I can’t bring down.
Never shoves a knife
Right into the heart.

Don’t say Never
Even if you mean it.

There’s no harm or danger
In my unbridled Optimism.