The cage is open; but the bird does not flee:

She’s bound by reasons that seem strange to me.

Torn is her heart as she peers at the sky;

Mountains and meadows invite her to fly.

No one nor nothing compells her to stay;

Why does she dither, why not fly away?

The trees and the rains, the wind of her dreams;

The temptation fails to entice her, it seems.

If she spreads her wings, she’ll never be free:

The burden along will she have to carry.

A lump in her throat, in her thoughts as she wades,

Her choice is made; in her eyes the light fades.

What her heart yearns for, she cannot choose;

What she’s been granted, she cannot lose.

She takes a step back, she closes the door;

She won’t look again; be tempted no more.

Her faith in herself – therein her strength lies;

She’s content; though some call it… sacrifice.

First published: August 2014