Continued from Ayn Rand and her philosophy

Came across this interesting review when I was googling around the world about Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”.
Though it seems mind-boggling to reconcile between the extremities of thoughts, between Ayn Rand’s advocated selfishness and the Buddhist selfless tranquility, there should be enough middle ground for soul-searching?

Anthem, as the author herself has admitted, was a rough sketch before the masterpiece of The Fountainhead, the distracting canvas when she was overwhelmed with the enormity of the theme she was developing. It is a small novella that hardly covers 30-40 pages but forcibly portrays the world that has repressed the “I” under the collective “We”.

“None of us is as right as all of us”. – Broadly the idea of Collectivism

I haven’t read George Orwell’s 1984 yet. But would certainly like to get hold of it. The name was tossed around several times across blogs during the US elections, by those who supported Obama. In the above mentioned review the comparison is drawn between Ayn Rand’s philosophy and Orwell’s book.