The Net used to be a very safe and anonymous place where one can just wander around, explore and never worry about who knows where you go. You chuckle to yourself and visit a forbidden page and follow sites of your interest and then clean out the history, and rub your hands in pleasure, thinking, Ha-ha, I just wandered the darkest alleys and no one knew about it.

But no longer.

The moment you hit a website, you are marked in their analyzer. Aaaha! Here comes one from Bangalore. Oho, coming from and that is what is being read. Oh, so the Bangalorean is interested in books, huh? Stays ten minutes in that page, skips over the other pages and then goes to the link on the right frame, on more books. A week later, there the Bangalorean is, again. Come back for more.
Here is another from Mumbai, came from google, and the keyword being searched for was something-or-the-other. I see! So that’s what they want.

The Internet is everywhere. And you can connect from everywhere – your laptop, PC, mobile phone,… Everyone who is someone is connected to the Net seeking, giving, sharing.

But someone is watching!!